Practice Philosophy

Our pediatric dental practice is based on love for children with the desire to provide a safe, comfortable and friendly place for them to learn about caring for their teeth, keeping a healthy mouth, and taking pride in their smile.  When your smile is something you feel good about it becomes contagious and more often shared.  And when a smile is shared, it carries with it a great gift that provides others something to smile about as well.

Educating our patients and their parents about proper dental care and optimal dental health is our ultimate goal. We strive to keep your kids cavity-free and teach you how you can help prevent decay and dental disease.  We are dedicated to providing excellent pediatric dental care for our family of patients in a safe, fun and positive environment. For children that have cavities, we want them to have a positive experience while we restore their mouths back to a healthy state. We treat your children like they’re our own and understand that every child is an individual; unique in their experiences based on age, cognitive development, and previous medical and/or dental visits. 

We are pleased that you have chosen us to provide dental care for your child. Our pediatric dental practice is focused on meeting the oral healthcare needs of infants, children, adolescents and persons with special needs. We look forward to establishing a life-long relationship of trust and confidence with you and your child to accomplish our goals of a fun, positive dental experience and quality care.